In the Beginning...

The Story

It starts with an idea that turns into a story that carries a message to be shared with readers. Along the way decisions are made that will determine whether the publication is viable in the marketplace. As time passes momentum will slow, frustration will set in and the question becomes: what next?

Successfully publishing and marketing a book is like a puzzle and based on many factors driven entirely by the consumer. The pieces may change over time and venturing alone can be costly. Yet there are few mistakes that cannot be corrected and a title repositioned that will give every author a chance at success.

If you are trying to make sense of it all and hoping to get that chance at success, help is an email away. Professional services are available that can assist you in answering questions, making sense of the market and getting you closer to your goals and dreams.

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There is an overwhelming amount of information available about publishing and book marketing. Despite this fact deciding what is right for you and your book can be confusing and daunting. Making the right decisions from the beginning is important. Below you will find some important issues to consider:

Goals? Every writer needs them or else the decisions you make will lack direction. Not everyone wishes for the bestseller list and developing goals brings you one step closer to opportunities for success.

Agent? Seeking a literary agent and going for a contract with a publisher requires a different approach from publishing on your own. You need to understand the difference and how to evaluate this decision.

Publisher? Understanding the differences in each opportunity is important in making the right decisions. Knowing how to weigh the pros and cons is very important. Never make a commitment without fully understanding the consequences.

Editor?  Success in publishing comes to those with a good story not because they are a great writer. Editorial assistance should enhance the message helping any book improve opportunities for success.

Marketing? Can start anytime and continue for as long as the author wishes to remain competitive. Recognition in the market is the key and that comes with building a brand and raising awareness. There are marketing minimums for every book.

Success? Passion, determination, perseverance are characteristics required for any writer wishing to venture into the competitive market of publishing. It is not recommended that you go it alone.   

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Getting Started

There are overriding considerations for successful publishing and book marketing. Keep in mind that the story comes first; goals are next, followed by publishing decisions and finally marketing. Nothing else will matter if your story is weak and carries no message.

When selecting services be confident in what you are getting, what results you expect and how it brings you closer to your goals. It is highly recommended to seek professional guidance before committing time, money and possibly harming your brand.

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What You Need to Know

Here are some issues that become important when venturing into the world of book publishing and marketing. This is not an all encompassing list but rather the tip of the iceberg in the kind of decisions that every writer will face at some point in their career. Whether you are publishing independently or searching for an agent and publisher, the more informed you become about the business and marketplace the better chance you have of spotting opportunities that create momentum for your book that over time will be extremely valuable to your career.


Becomes critical to making the right decisions for you and your book as long as you trust the source. Your decision should be based on industry experience and knowledge of the market.


Knowing what to ask is as important as understanding the answers. If you approach publishing as a business and evaluate information based on how it meets your objectives then you are closer to your goals.


Begin to market based on your goals and decide whether it is about the book, your message or you as an author that will attract attention. It can be one or all three but it starts with having a clear direction.


Determine where your book fits on the proverbial bookshelf and between which books and authors in your own genre. Getting to this point helps in the development of your campaign.


Both in time and message helps readers to see your work and begin to raise awareness and gain support. This is why the promotion, blurb and tag line for each author is important.

Bio, Background & Experience

Thirty nine years of working with writers, authors, publishers and books keeps me engaged. Assisting those determined to succeed and help gain recognition for their work is my personal goal as I provide guidance to those needing help in their journey.

Over the years I worked on thousands of New York Times bestselling titles as well as with hundreds of bestselling authors. Below you will find the names of a few of the authors I have worked with while Vice-President for the Time Warner Book Group:

James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Nicholas Sparks, David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, Nelson DeMille, Scott Turow, Alice Seabold & Malcolm Gladwell.

Twenty seven years in corporate publishing in New York and twelve years helping unpublished writers, independent authors and small publishers gives me a unique perspective on the industry. The market driven challenges facing writers today is instrumental in helping me develop my skills in the following areas:

Marketing, Promotion, Positioning, Distribution, Retail, Merchandising, and all aspects of Publishing.

The challenges facing writers and small publishers to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace are many. It helps to utilize a seasoned veteran to contrast, compare and offer guidance. That expertise is available to any writer and small publisher willing to ask for assistance.

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Professional Services

The following options are collaborative, working with the author or publisher to develop any area of publishing and marketing.

Consult $105

One hour via telephone, the consult may be divided as needed making each conversation more helpful to the author and or publisher.

Promotion $165

Develop two book promotion ideas including the creation of two marketing blurbs plus tag line, also involves completing extensive marketing questionnaire.


Anything from A to Z. This option may include providing guidance along the entire publishing and marketing experience, or the development of an author marketing plan to evaluating the overall book program for a publisher. A project can be any area identified and clearly defined by the client while the price is to be negotiated depending on project parameters.The assurance to my client: that I will use all of my experience to help you reach the goals you set.

There is no project too small and no issue too big. My service is centered upon providing professional guidance and discovering creative ways of introducing writers to readers.

Steps to Creating a Book Promotion

Of the three main areas of book marketing promotion is by far the most effective tool for any author and publisher. If you take one thing away from reading the articles and blogs on this site it is the fact that a well designed book promotion can be a catalyst for marketing, consumer awareness and reader recognition.

The important steps in creating a book promotion include balancing what could work in the overall marketplace versus the goals set for your book. The promotion must be perceived as offering value while achieving the end result. Not all promotions work for the same genre, market and even book format.

If you have read this far and wish to use my professional services in creating and developing two book promotion ideas then I will offer something extra. With my service I will include a copy of my book WHAT WRITERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PUBLISHING as well as a two-hour DVD of a presentation to writers about developing their author brand. This $40 value is free and includes shipping with my book promotion service.

Important Points about Book Promotions

There is nothing easy or quick about achieving success as an author or publisher. Commitment is the name of the game accompanied by tenacity, perseverance, passion, determination and other equally important characteristics. This is a highly competitive business where hundreds of new titles are being introduced on a daily basis. Breaking through to reach the wary consumer is difficult.

Book promotions come in four basic varieties: free, discounted, bonus and specials. Specific definitions can vary but the general rules are that free means no cost, discounted offers a lower retail price, bonus refers to free material and specials combine in some manner free, discounted and bonus.

Even with all their assets and influence, major publishers fail to earn back their investment on a title over seventy percent of the time. Yet following a proven formula has been the basis for countless success stories from independent authors and small publishers.

More Book Promotion Examples

There are two distinct parts to becoming a successful author: the first is creating content, writing and completing manuscripts and the second is marketing primarily with creative book promotions. Both writing and marketing are equal partners in the process. Even New York Times bestselling authors market both themselves and their books. Book promotions vary in a variety of ways, below you will find the broad categories under which most promotions are developed:

New Release:

The first day on sale happens only one time and it is always wise to offer the best valued promotion as early as possible. However, the first day on sale can be subjective and does not actually have to be the first day the book is available but rather the first day of the announced release.

Re-Introduction of an Older Title:

Once a book has been on sale for over six months it is considered a backlist title. That should never take away from the perceived value in any way but rather you should create a promotion that will re-introduce the reader by offering special added value.


The single best method for gaining widespread attention is with free content that does not have to be actual free chapters. The key is to offer related or actual content that ties the book to the message. Free can be any form of directly related content.

Borrowed Interest:

Tying a book to a date, holiday or specific news event is one way to create a promotion that will naturally gain widespread attention by the public. The key here is not to capitalize on tragedy but offer a positive message that will tie the book to the date.


This type of promotion should be perceived as waving your own flag while providing consumer value. For example if you receive a great quote or review you can create a promotion that supports the announcement.

Special Offer / Discount:

Consumers love the perceived special deal whether an offer or discount. Tie this to free and you have a winner as long as the value is seen as genuine and there are no strings attached. Combining these broad categories of book promotions can be hugely successful.

Successful book marketing and promotion is about finding creative ways to expand an audience, increase market awareness, and build an author brand. The objective is to discover and develop the tools that match your goals. Along the way the important point is to follow the guidance of a professional to increase the opportunities for success.

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