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For unpublished writers and authors working to build an audience and gain new readers, our book promotion service was created to help you. Our program provides creative ways of introducing writers to readers with the single best form of communication in book marketing.

Book promotion is the best and most cost effective marketing tool for authors as well as the best method of communicating to an audience. Readers are more attracted to and react positively to brief marketing messages (blurbs) above any other form of marketing communication.

We promote books using this method exclusively because it is the best marketing tool for our customers as well the most affordable. Book promotions written as brief marketing messages (blurbs) can be anything the author wishes to communicate to an audience.

Book Promotions

The examples below are provided in broad categories as an illustration of the best method of communicating a brief marketing message and promoting your book.

New Release

Introducing ESCAPE FROM KABUL. Debut author Joyce Randolph releases her first book, a gripping new novel about love & family conflict. A modern day Romeo & Juliet between Muslim & Christian, experience their perilous journey as they attempt to escape their homeland & suffer the consequences. This novel will capture your heart & keep you on the edge of your seat. Now available, click link for complete details. (68 words)

Re-Introduction of an Older Title

BRILLIANT & CUNNING THRILLER. Author John Smith has just released his newest thriller MAYHEM but the book that started it all, DEADMAN, is now available in paperback. Set in New York, Detective Brad Jones catches a case that mirrors a series of murders more than ten years ago when he was just starting in homicide. Book reviewers call it “brilliant & cunning.” Click link for details. (66 words)

Free Content

RETIRE EARLY with MONEY. Retiring before the mandatory age is a dream for most, however former Banking Executive Benjamin Rosenfeld has put together a plan for how anyone at any income level can make the dream come true. His new book describes his plan with four examples of people at different income levels who followed his advice and retired early with money. Click link for FREE excerpt. (67 words)

Borrowed Interest (Tying a Book to a Date, Holiday or Specific News Event)

TODAYS TRAGEDY is TOMORROWS NIGHTMARE. Dr. Harold Morris wrote AFRICAN EPIDEMIC and published in 2012. This book explains in great detail how a highly infectious virus can penetrate the United States and cause a widespread outbreak. Ripped from today’s headlines this book is available at Amazon and all major online booksellers. Get an entirely new perspective on a deadly virus in a foreign land. Click link to purchase. (69 words)

General Announcement

TEXCELLENT BOOK REVIEWS. William Gold is the author of three award winning novels set in the Deep South during the depression. His fourth novel offers more heartwarming stories of families struggling then rising from poverty. His books have received excellent reviews and are available from Amazon and all leading online booksellers. To read his reviews and see his awards please click the following link. (64 words)

Special Offer / Discount

FREE eBOOK for LIMITED TIME. Author John Smith presents his new thriller MAYHEM. Author of DEADMAN, described as “brilliant & cunning.” The new book is set in New York, Detective Brad Jones is back with a new twist to an old murder or maybe a copycat killer? Don’t miss the opportunity for a FREE eBook for limited time plus excerpt of new book, click link for more details. (68 words)

The above brief marketing messages do not represent actual authors or books. 

Our Service

Book marketing is about discovering tools that help authors reach their audience. The process of building a variety of tools to achieve your goal requires an effective form of direct communication to that audience and our service provides that. Utilizing the brief marketing message with our service will do two things: (1) expand the audience for your writing, and (2) increase awareness of your books.

We offer a promotional service where you create the message (blurb) for the promotion, provide an image of your book cover, link to where the consumer can find more information and a variety of photos. We take your message; book cover; link and photos then promote on our branded locations across the internet.

We individually market each promotion to our trademarked brands across a wide reader network of more than seventy (70+) locations that include blogs, web pages and web sites. We market where the focus is not just books or social media, but news, special interest, entertainment, leisure and topics relevant to the book consumer.

Our service maximizes our customer’s opportunity to expand their audience by increasing their internet exposure. Our service consolidates book promotions in a location where consumers can easily locate information about authors and books. It is the most cost effective method of communicating to a large audience of readers.

Benefits for Our Customers

We provide a comprehensive internet marketing service that introduces writers to readers with brief marketing messages (blurbs) through the book promotion across our entire reader network of branded locations. These are the benefits for our customers.


Time—we save you not in hours, but weeks of personal internet marketing. A promotion with our service exponentially increases the number of book consumers that  view your promotion based on unique visitor traffic on any given day.

Money—our prices are significantly lower than other services because we have established our own reader network and are not required to purchase space or time to promote your book. Plus we combine promotions using the brief marketing message exclusively because it has proven to attract readers interested in finding new books and authors.


Our internet network has been developed over the past decade and we have created multiple brands for book promotions. This type of coverage offers a large footprint that cannot be matched on an individual basis. Our method for marketing and promotion maximizes the opportunities for being noticed by the book consumer.


We focus our promotions on the topics of interest to book consumers and consolidate promotions across our brands making it easier for readers to find the information they want while increasing opportunities for expanding and growing your audience.


You are in complete control and set the date for your promotion, you are never dependent on another schedule to begin your book promotion. Our service recognizes the importance for authors to set their own schedule when promoting their book.


Our reader network is recognized as a place where readers can find undiscovered authors and books. Introducing writers to readers with new and exciting promotions draws consumers who are savvy book buyers. The consolidation and recognition factors have proven to maximize the opportunities for our customers.

Our Reader Network

Each book promotion is individually placed on our branded pages across our entire reader network. Here is a small sample:

Our reader network has more than seventy (70+) individually branded locations with daily promotional opportunities based on our unique visitor traffic.

We are not an automatic syndication service to only large social media. We provide a personalized service where each promotion is marketed individually across our entire reader network. Plus we will bundle up to three (3) titles total, prioritized for additional exposure to consumers.

We are constantly developing new brands and evaluating new points of access to improve our reader network in an effort to expand the audience for your promotion.

Affordable Pricing

We believe strongly in our customers and work to continually develop new levels of support for each promotion. We have done our best to tailor each promotion based on the feedback we receive from our loyal customers.

All of our promotions remain active on our reader network. We currently offer two promotion opportunities:

Multiple Title Promotion:

$250— we promote up to three (3) titles across our complete reader network.Each author may bundle either three (3) titles total, prioritized; OR two (2) titles and one (1) personal author profile which is your professional author brand.

Single Title Promotion:

$150 — we promote your single (1) title across our complete reader network. This package provides any author an opportunity to promote their book and expand their audience.

Personal Consultation:

$100 — this one-hour telephone consultation is intended to offer answers to all publishing and marketing questions as well as guidance that will save time, money and help to develop your personal brand as an author.

We offer the opportunity to expand the audience and increase awareness for your writing utilizing a book promotion with brief marketing messages (blurbs).

Steps to Creating a Book Promotion

1) Click the ‘Contact Us Now’ link on this page.
2) Send an email with a description and dates of your promotion.
3) Create three (3) versions of a brief marketing message each around seventy (70) words.
4) Send your marketing messages, book cover(s), link for detailed information and photos via email.
5) We offer advice with helping you to create the best possible promotions.
6) We appreciate your business and encourage feedback; we would love to have you again as our customer.

Important Points about Book Promotions

Each book promotion should be written as a highlight, briefly describing the content of your book. The first few words are important and should start with language that will attract reader interest. Avoid detail yet provide enough information to entice the reader to seek more information.

Focus on writing in clear, concise and simple language avoiding slang and abbreviations. Each message should be limited to about seventy (70) words maximum plus book cover, link and photos. This limitation enhances the opportunity for your promotion to be seen and read by consumers.

The book promotion is best for creating awareness and reader interest because consumers respond best when viewing a promotion and impression multiple times at a variety of locations. Consistent marketing across the internet is critical to growing your audience and staying competitive as an author.

More Book Promotion Examples

Book promotions come in a variety of topics and communicate anything the author wants. The book promotions below are provided for illustration purposes and do not represent actual authors or books.

New Release

HOW to DEVELOP an AUDIENCE. Renowned Social Psychologist Marsha Collins has written what Psychology Journals have described as “groundbreaking work,” in her new book about navigating and succeeding in social media marketing. Dr. Collins explains in great detail that the essence is more about making friends than soliciting for business. Successful internet marketers make connections rather than seek out new customers. Her new book is now available. (67 words)

Re-Introduction of an Older Title

SURVIVING the UPCOMING ECONOMIC CRISIS. Richard Dwyer has written extensively for the Wall Street Journal about the impending economic crisis the US and Europe will face in the next few years. His last book was published in 2010 and written specifically for the middle class who worry most about their finances. This book is for anyone seeking information on how to survive the upcoming economic crisis. Now Available. (68 words)

Free Content

PROUD to ANNOUNCE, our newest author, Joyce Rogers. Her debut novel BEYOND THE DREAM is now available in eBook. Ms. Rogers is a wife, mother and attorney whose book is described by reviewers as “powerful.” Set in a sleepy New England town this book will take you back and give you hope. It is a love story with dramatic scenes and unforgettable characters. Click link for free excerpt. (68 words)

Borrowed Interest (Tying a Book to a Date, Holiday or Specific News Event)

JULY 4th HOLIDAY. Frank Noble wrote a book about Iraq veterans returning from war who suffered serious brain injury. He chronicles his brother’s struggle with this serious injury and takes you inside his family as they each deal with his brother’s needs in different ways. As the holiday approaches, he hopes that every American will come to understand the lives of soldiers who have returned wounded from foreign wars. (69 words)

General Announcement

BIG MILESTONE for NEW AUTHOR. Marilyn Walters new release CLOVER IN COUNTRY has received rave reviews and just passed a sales milestone after 6 weeks making it one of the fastest selling eBooks of the year. Set in the rural countryside of North Carolina this remarkable story of life and love has been compared to those of bestselling author Tom Wolfe. Available now at all major online booksellers. (68 words)

Special Offer / Discount

FREE $150 VALUE. Entrepreneur Jonathan Miller’s newest book UNUSUAL BUSINESS provides insights into how any business can succeed. He runs a very profitable chain of car washes and coin operated laundries. For a limited time, he is offering his Business Secrets newsletter FREE for one year with the purchase of his new book. This is a $150 value FREE for a limited time, click link for details. (67 words)

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