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By Jerry D. Simmons | September 2nd, 2013 | No Comments » (Click to add yours!)

The single biggest impact on book sales in the past ten years has been the promotional opportunities brought about by the Internet. Those opportunities became the catalyst in the rapid acceptance of the eBook which now represents upwards of 20-30 percent of major publishing companies total revenue.

Expansion of promotion via the Internet coupled with the recent economic downturn became a double whammy for the bigger publishing houses from which they have not recovered. This gave rise to the potential and credibility of the independently published book, referred to in the marketplace as a self-published title. This scenario could not have been foreseen five short years ago.

Today major publishers as well as avid readers are searching social media for new authors and content. This makes social media a promotional force that has tremendous impact on the market. Writers and authors who ignore the potential of social media on book sales are missing the biggest marketing opportunity in the history of publishing.

Social media promotion is time consuming and labor intensive, it will take time away from what writers want to do most and that is write. However, consistent and aggressive marketing via author driven promotions placed in social media sites is the best way to grow an audience and increase book sales. In the book publishing business, social media promotion will continue to make a huge impact.


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